What we do:


Datacube is the data analytics business that help people see and understand their data


With our dedicated team of data analysts and solution engineers we provide what no other does. We provide our clients with the means to visually see and

interpret the progress and state of their teams, fleets and the services that they provide.


The quality of the data and solutions we provide to our clients is our top priority,


Why we do it:


We strive to help improve businesses by giving them precious insight into how they operate as well.


All our dashboards are unique to each client as we provide the means for them to personalize and customize the visuals as they see fit, therefore your dashboard will be like no other.


Whether you are a Global Enterprise or an early-stage startup company or even just a small business looking for some insight into your data, we can provide that elegance and quality guaranteed.

Benefits of Datacube's Analytics Services:


  •  Fast Analytics - of data provided by our clients
  •  Smart Dashboards
  •  Rich and thorough insight on data behavior
  •  Valuable insight on solutions to better our clients risks and safety
  •  Dashboard customization and client preference directed
  •  Dedicated and Friendly Team
  •  Easy to understand Dashboards
  •  Big Data, Any Data
  •  Consistent Scheduled updates (Freshest data provided by our clients)

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” - Henry Ford

At Datacube Analytics (Pty) Ltd, we pride ourselves in the ability to manage any Telematics offering on the market based to the limits of their capabilities, but every so often we come across companies that see the value of data integration that we end up sharing more clients. Here are a few of our Premium Partners, with whom we have great relations and who offer next-level services...

On-Road Risk.

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